The new year has begun! I mean, sure it’s already February and the fresh optimism of the 2014 might already be wearing off but whatever, lets keep blindly moving forward!

As a little wrap up of last year, I exhibited at Thought Bubble with my good friend Martin Kirby (creator of the wonderful Freelancers, go read it!) and while I was a nervous wreck most the time I still met a lot of really cool people. Hopefully we will be going again this year and be slightly more prepared! (Why didn’t we think to make business card in time aaarh!).

This year I just want to do more of everything! More comics, more drawing, more reading, more writing! Space Dog has been around for a while now but it was always on the back burner, updating sporadically then going radio silence for months at a time. However, first and foremost I want 2014 to be the year where I follow that little header up there that says “updates Monday”. I’m doing pretty good so far, so here’s to a year of updates at The Space Adventures of Space Dog in Space.

Now I’d best be off to work on this Mondays update.